AWS Announces Construct Hub and New Version of AWS Cloud

Recently, AWS announced the general availability (GA) of version 2.0 of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and AWS Construct Hub at its annual Re-Invention conference.

The AWS CDK is an extensible open source software development framework that allows developers to model and provision their cloud infrastructure using well-known programming languages ​​– while the AWS Construct Hub provides an online registry where the open source community, AWS and Cloud Technology providers can be searched. and create share library for all cdk.

With new releases generally available, the company claims that it is now even more convenient and simple to define cloud resources using the CDK – and Construct Hub makes it possible to share open-source build libraries with the wider cloud development community. Is.

The first version of the AWS CDK was released for GA in July 2019, following the developer preview of the CDK to help bring developers on board and drive development of the framework.

Now version 2 of the AWS CDK focuses on productivity improvements for developers working with CDK projects by consolidating 2 separate packages (libraries) into a single monolithic package that simplifies dependency management. In addition, it becomes easier to reference multi-service builds in CDK projects.

In a news blog post, Steve Roberts, GA of the AWS CDK and Construct Hub, a developer advocate who has developed the .

As of version 2, Monolithic CDK packages only contain stable APIs that customers can always rely on. Experimental APIs are shipped in separate packages, making it easier for the team and community to review and ensure that customers don’t suffer accidental breaking changes that caused problems in version 1. Huh.

Next, Construct Hub provides over 700 CDK libraries, including the AWS CDK core modules, to help customers build their cloud applications using their preferred programming languages, preferred use cases, and preferred provisioning engines (CloudFormation Terraform or Kubernetes). to help create. In addition, anyone can contribute a construction library to the Construction Hub. In an AWS Open Source blog post on the AWS Construct Hub, Alex Pulver, a Senior Partner Solution Architect on the AWS SaaS Factory team, explains the concept of structures:

Constructs are object-oriented classes that define a “piece of the desired state”. Constructions can be put together to form higher level building blocks that represent a more complex desired situation. AWS, enterprises, startups, and individual developers use CDK builds to share proven architecture patterns in the form of reusable code libraries, so everyone can benefit from the community’s collective wisdom.

Finally, more details about version 2.0 of the AWS CDK are available in the documentation and guidelines for the AWS Construct Hub in the Best Practices blog post.

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