Comment Is Apple neglecting its line of MagSafe accessories

One thing Apple fans have always been saying about the company is their really close attention to detail. Everything has always looked good… “It just works”, the company will say.

Last year when Apple introduced MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12, I was really excited about the possibilities, but a year later, it looks like Apple may be neglecting its MagSafe accessories.

Let’s start with the MagSafe leather wallet. It’s a great accessory that lets you carry up to three cards in addition to what you store in the Apple Wallet app. Still, one feature it always lacked was Find My Support.

With the announcement of this year’s iPhone 13, Apple unveiled a new wallet integrated into the Find My Network, but it never updated the “old one.” Since both have NFC tags, it doesn’t make sense that one tells you when it’s left behind and the other doesn’t.

Apple is still unsure whether it will update the initial model or not, but at the moment it is strange that the same product launched with a gap of a year does not have this small but important feature.

I don’t know if you remember it or not, but as Apple prepares to launch the iPhone 13, 9to5Mac reports that the 13 Pro’s camera sensor is so large that it doesn’t fit properly in the MagSafe Duo charger. This doesn’t happen with any other model, and it’s odd that the company didn’t predict it — or release a slightly modified version of the accessory, as it was said.

Last but not least is the MagSafe battery. It’s a highly priced product that I thought was a great successor to the Smart Battery Pack, but it didn’t. It may not fully charge your phone to 100%. And if you’re an iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini user, the worst part is how awkward it looks as it extends slightly beyond the back of the iPhone.

Apple has made different versions of the same product in the past, so why didn’t it do the same with MagSafe batteries?

MagSafe Accessories: Good To Buy Or Not?
Ultimately, MagSafe accessories are a great idea, but Apple really needs to pay more attention to those little details. Fortunately, users can get third-party accessories that don’t work any better than Apple can do the same.

What do you think of your MagSafe accessories? Do you have it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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