Google Map can also earn a bumper , just have to do in your mobile, so easy to earn

Google Map can also earn a bumper

Google Maps is used to travel. Google Maps navigation is used to go to new and unknown places by everyone from cab drivers to ordinary people. Google Maps is a popular navigation app. Many people depend on navigation. It is very useful, but did you know that Google Maps can also earn money? Many people are making good money through it. Google Map gives users a point on transcript on a navigational platform. Google Map This option gives users platforms to make the platform more usable and acre. Google Map gives users points on sharing Experience and Reviews. User reviews, photographs and videos, insight answers, questions are given to the question, place edit, missing place add and fact check. Google Map can also earn a bumper This point depends on the country of country. For example, if you write a review you are given 5 points. If you edit a space you are given 5 points. On the review of more than 3 characters, 3 bonus points are given. 5 points for rating, 5 points for photos, 5 points for video, 5 points for answers, 5 points for edit and 5 points for a place or road. As these points increase, your level increases. When a person gets 5 points, he is given a star. Google Map can also earn a bumper In this way, the level increases on reaching 5 points, 5 points, 5 points and other landmarks. You can redeem these points on the Google Play Store, meaning that Google Map cannot make money directly. You can buy it by using it but you can earn cash. Google Map can also earn a bumper You have to seek another kind of help for this. The first is to create a map analyst, which shows the map acuracy. It’s a flexible job. In it you are paid for hours. You can make money by promoting small business by becoming an online marketing consultant.

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