Learn how to improve internet speed with these 8 tricks

Few activities are more frustrating than browsing the web with a slow connection, especially when you’re paying extra for faster service.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, switching to wired may give you a certain speed. However, if this doesn’t speed things up, more drastic action will often be needed.

So why is your internet slow and how can you increase your internet speed?

Why is your internet slow?
The performance of an Internet connection depends on many factors.

Your choice of Internet service provider is probably the biggest factor. Available speeds vary widely. There is also a difference between the advertised speed and what you actually get.

Internet is now available through fiber optic lines and satellites. Each technology has its pros and cons. Sometimes a performance improvement can be achieved by switching technology without switching carriers.

Where you live is an important factor in determining potential internet speeds. The availability of both providers and technology depends on the location. The distance the data has to travel is also relevant.

how to test your internet speed
The easiest way to check your current internet speed is to visit a website like Speedtest. This allows you to test both speed and latency.

Download speed refers to the amount of data that can be downloaded in one second. This is especially important for streaming and/or downloading large files.

Latency refers to the time taken for a data packet to travel to and from the server. Latency is important because the higher the latency, the longer you have to wait for a website to respond. Latency is especially important for gaming.

8 tricks to increase internet speed
If your Internet is slower than you expected, there are several steps you can take to speed things up.

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1. Change Your Provider
If your ISP sends you a weak signal, there’s not much you can do to fix the problem.

If the speed is lower than advertised, it’s worth contacting them to see if there’s a problem they can fix. If you have a data limit and have exceeded it, it is also possible that your current speed is limited. This can only be solved by purchasing more data.

Otherwise, switching to a new provider is advised. There is no shortage of options depending on where you live.

2. Consider Satellite Internet

Satellite internet used to be extremely slow. However, this has recently changed with the advent of Starlink in many parts of the United States.

While the service isn’t expected to be complete for several years, beta users report that it offers excellent speed and latency.

If you live in an area with limited Internet options, this is probably the fastest connection available to you. SpaceX equipment costs $499, but after that it costs $99 per month with unlimited data.

3. Check Which Programs Are Running
If your Internet is slower than expected, it is possible that something is using it without your knowledge.

Check what programs are running on your computer and disable the ones you don’t need.
Instead turn off automatic updates and download the updates yourself.

Run an antivirus program to avoid malware.

Check what your other devices are doing. Other computers, phones, and even smart devices can contribute to using your bandwidth.

4. Change Your Router

internet speed router
Depending on the quality of your existing router, it may be possible to boost the speed by replacing it. A cheap router can easily slow things down because it may not have enough processing power to handle the amount of data going through it.

You don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive router. But you need a router with a fast processor and at least 256MB of RAM.

5. Optimize Your Router
Regardless of the type of router you use, regular reboots are recommended. Frequent reboots can clear caches and speed up. You can even set some routers to reboot automatically once a day.

All routers have software and firmware installed so that they can work efficiently. It should be kept up to date.

6. Do not use powerline adapters
If you’re using a powerline adapter, you may need to reconsider. Powerline performance completely depends on the quality of the electrical wiring in your home.

If your wiring is not optimal, it is possible that this will cause a delay in accessing the data on your device. For optimum performance, connect directly to the signal source.

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