Vote for the Android Police smartphone 2021 Readers’ Choice

2021 is drawing to a close, and it’s time for our readers to raise their voices. Our Android Police Most Wanted Editors’ Choice award is coming up, but before you confer those honors, it’s time for you to award yours. Days after the nominations, ten of our readers’ most voted phones will be voted on, but only one will receive the 2021 Android Police Readers’ Choice Awards.

You have a final six days to nominate all the options on which you will vote. The top ten phones you nominated for this year’s list have been selected in the order they were selected. This year’s names were somewhat surprising. And now it’s time to narrow them down to just one.

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The rules here are simple: There are multiple phones right below the poll. Choose the one you want to win this year’s award using whatever logic you want. It could be the phone you think is the “best” or best value for money, or the one you think is the foremost. The benchmark here is entirely up to you – follow your heart. Some of your fellow readers may also be on the fence, so it’s time to advocate for your favorites and influence the vote.

Voting now opens and closes at midnight (PT) on Friday, December 17th. This gives you plenty of time to evaluate options if you need to. The winner will be announced on Saturday 18 December.

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